Conference Review
- Day Two

Jonny Murch @jonnymurch “The soul of sport is about wellbeing and feeling alive, not about being a product” @SebastienFoucan @saconvention #SAC2014


Sébastien Foucan, the pioneer of freerunning, believes his sport has developed to such an extent that it now needs some form of regular competition.

When Foucan launched the sport, he had no intention of it becoming competitive, but, speaking about ‘Rediscovering the Soul of Sport: a perspective from 007 to the Inner City’ in the Conference Programme at SportAccord Convention, he feels things have now changed.

“My discipline is like any other discipline,” he said. “I started this with no desire of competition, but now as people are becoming involved, I realise that some of them need competition.

“From there I think it is up to me to create a Federation. I hope people can see that and be inspired by us, as I know nothing about Federations.”

Foucan was surprised that most people at SportAccord Convention were unaware of freerunning, even though it is one of the most searched sports on YouTube and was employed by Foucan himself in the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’.

Foucan's message to delegates?

“You really have to understand the interests of young people and what they are going through in their lives.

“Most young people are like bombs ready to explode. If we’re able to generate that energy into something that inspires them, we would have their attention,” he said.

Although freerunning looks dangerous with all its jumps, Foucan insisted that was just how the sport is perceived.

“I came here on a flight, which is much riskier than jumping,” he said. “I didn’t know the pilot, but you just have to trust him, as he knows what he can do.

“It took 25 years for me to understand what I was doing and 10 years for people to recognise what we are now doing today. It was a long process and journey, but it just came naturally.

“It’s a lot of dedication, practise and discipline, and it’s driven by the passion; that’s what makes it happen. You have always to read your environment and also know how to manoeuvre around it.

“With the many years I’ve done freerunning, I now realise that risk is everywhere, but it’s just a perception.”