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Special measures, including project task forces, were outlined by the IOC at SportAccord Convention in response to mounting concerns about delays with the preparations for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Kit McConnell, IOC Sports Director, announced the action at a meeting of the ASOIF General Assembly,

where he was joined by Christophe Dubi, IOC’s Deputy Director of the Olympic Games, and by Agberto Guimarães, Executive Director of Sports for the Rio Organising Committee, as the two bodies attempted to reassure IFs that the city can deliver a successful Games.

McConnell, referring to the IFs, admitted: “There are a number of comments and discussions regarding Rio, with concerns particularly about the construction timelines.”

Dubi confirmed that construction will be the first task force. He said:

“There is no doubt a lot of tension here and we have delays, but we now have very clear timelines. It will need very clear monitoring to follow each and every milestone, but we know the venues will be ready in time for the test events.

“It is a complicated situation, but we have identified the delays and the problems, and it is reassuring that from the Rio standpoint they have the same evaluation.

“We have special measures in place and task forces, and we will have the support at the highest levels of the organisations involved.”

Guimarães said: “I still think that we can pull this together and have a great Games. We face some challenges, but we can do it together with each one of the IFs. It means you have to push, you have to be demanding.”