News from
the Convention Floor


Plans for a bigger, better and more influential SportAccord Convention were unveiled by President Marius L Vizer as he outlined his vision for 2015.

Vizer said that future candidate cities would need to deliver something on a different scale – a 'world sport summit'.

Mainstream media, leading marketing companies and the biggest sports suppliers in the world will all be invited as SportAccord Convention moves to a new level as part of a long-term strategy for the next six years.

Vizer said: “We have a very good asset for sport and an event which gives opportunities to sport organisations, business, the media and a lot of other entities. We will have a strategy to plan until 2020. Then the biggest companies who are interested in being our Partners can make a long-term strategy in partnership with us – big companies from energy, industry, banking, insurance and other sectors.”


A high-level, decision-making body backed by dedicated task forces and a new, local project manager was announced by IOC President, Thomas Bach, at SportAccord Convention to drive the progress to rescue the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The body will comprise members of the Organising Committee and different levels of Government in Brazil, and its work will be coordinated by the IOC. It will be supported by task forces to be set up within weeks to tackle issues around construction, operations and public engagement.

The IOC will also recruit a local project manager with experience in construction who will monitor progress with venues and infrastructure on a daily basis.

Bach pointed out that the measures had been well received by the Mayor of Rio and the Organising Committee.

He said: “The measures were taken as they were meant; a strong commitment by the IOC to the success of these Games. We believe that Rio can and will deliver an excellent Games if the appropriate actions are taken now.”

Bach said any question of blame would wait until after the Games, explaining: “We need all our energy, because we all share the concerns to make the Games successful and then, after the Closing Ceremony of a successful Games, we can go back to this question and speak about responsibility.

“We will enhance the collaboration with the IFs and other key stakeholders in the way that we did for Sochi, where we had dedicated project teams from different IFs going to Sochi on a regular basis.”