The Future of Sports
Looks Bright

Repucom was the official sports marketing research partner to this year’s SportAccord Convention. As a global leader in sports marketing research, Repucom works with rights holders, brands, broadcasters and agencies around the world providing the insights and knowledge required to maximise effectiveness in their sports assets.

We measure how both fans and the general consumer receive information, what they recall and the impact of messages they see and hear. We do this through an array of industry leading services which include market research, media evaluation, digital services and advisory services. The information we provide allows our clients to optimise their sports marketing decisions in order to better reach their business objectives.

One role in our new partnership with SportAccord Convention was to act as a consultancy service to the SportAccord Convention management team. This included a research project designed to understand how the delegates that included the world’s leading sports administrators and marketers see sports developing over the next five years.

The outcomes of our pre-event survey for the SportAccord Convention are based on this study. The views gathered have enabled us to draw a better picture of the status quo of the international sports federation business as well as providing a glimpse into what the possible future of sport and the sports business may look like.

Azad Rahimov

The vast majority of the convention’s participants see the development of sports very positively. From their collective perspective, global sport can look ahead to further growth and greater fan engagement for years to come.

Making sport more relevant to young people was cited as one of the key challenges by 94 per cent of respondents, while 91 per cent said the way to get young people to watch more sports is through better use of social, digital and mobile media by broadcasters.This was underlined by over 90 per cent stating that the internet and mobile media would increasingly become more relevant mediums for the consumption of sport.

Our research also revealed that 72 per cent of participants see disability sports becoming increasingly relevant. Women’s football and snowboarding are also identified as the kind of sports with the strongest growth potential in the near future whilst 86 per cent of respondents believe that women in sports will become more important and influential, both as athletes and in managerial positions.

Overall, we are very pleased with the feedback we received from our survey. To have an influence on how sports events will be structured and marketed you need to know how the world of sports business is changing.The findings of our research both help to act as a platform to understand the future of sports marketing and sponsorship and add great value to SportAccord Convention’s and Repucom’s objective to gain further insight and understanding of the sports business market on an international level.

Paul Smith
CEO & Founder, Repucom

Delegate Offer:

“Repucom is offering a free ‘sponsorships strategy consultation’ to the first five international federations, rights holders or associations who email ‘SAC2014_Repucom’ to Danny Townsend at