Digital Expertise from Penceo Sport

Penceo Sport

Geneva-based communication and web design agency Penceo Sport has played a crucial role as the Digital Communications Partner of SportAccord Convention 2014.

Penceo Sport is responsible for creating and designing the pages in SportAccord Convention’s new electronic publications – #SAC2014 – The Preview and #SAC2014 – The Review, with the latter being released to delegates after this year’s event.

Penceo Sport also used its digital expertise to redevelop, the official website of SportAccord Convention.The upgraded site, optimised for mobile devices, offers a fresh look for the event.

We are proud to have assisted SportAccord Convention in establishing its enhanced online presence and we are excited about launching the digital publications

Pascal Willoughby-Petit Penceo Sport Managing Director

Penceo Sport specialises in web development, design, digital strategy and e-marketing.

For further information about Penceo Sport’s services, click on the below:

  • Digital Magazine
    • Real-time updates, posting news when it happens
    • Interactive opportunities, drawing users to graphics, links and videos
    • Content-rich
    • Search-engine friendly
    • Cost-effective and ecological - it’s good to save on paper!
  • Web Design and Development
    • By using Drupal as a CMS, clients are provided with the opportunity to build, add new features, reshape and evolve, with content easy to retrieve with minimal risks
    • Projects are analysed in detail in order to bring a complete offering that integrates every essential aspect, including a strong visual identity, the right first impression, ergonomics, ease and speed
  • Mobile First Approach
    • Digital communication today is consumed as much on smartphones and tablets as it is on the web
    • We combine ergonomics, usability, mobile technology and design, to ensure that the information and products are fully accessible to everyone, from everywhere
  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation
    • It makes sense to make choices, and we provide clients with a strategy that ensures that their social media presence is carefully planned, monitored and managed over time
    • Our approach to social media strategy covers content, target audience, measurement (KPIs), monitoring and adjustment
  • Online brand Guideline and Approval system
    • We produce on- and off-line brand guidelines, which is a working document that is used by third parties involved in communicating on behalf of the brand
    • More than just a simple brand guideline, it includes an approval system that facilitates the implementation of the brand elements
  • Event Application
    • In addition to the general features the usual event applications offer (for example, event information, networking, floor plans, scheduling, and more) our tool focuses on giving the opportunity for organisers to generate more revenues by offering creative solutions for sponsorship activations
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    • We keep up to speed with all the latest SEO methods (which are constantly evolving) to ensure that the clients find their way to the companies, through every possible doorway.
    • These methods include page URL structure, page headlines, page content and site submission
  • Video Content
    • When producing video content, we ensure that our clients benefit in a number of ways
    • Video captivates – visitors view videos before they read text and then stay longer on a site as a result
    • Video increases consumer confidence in a product or service
    • Video is more likely to be shared and hence to attract new visitors
    • Video ensures a message is retained much more effectively than through text
    • Video leads to sharing which leads to better SEO ranking
  • Youtube Optimisation
    • YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google
    • Our objective is to achieve maximum visibility within Google's organic search results